Friday, 15 March 2013

Our New Web Site.

We had been thinking about a new web site for some time. Most of our prospective clients use our site to look at previous examples of  loft conversions and understand more about our company. The old site had served us well but was looking dated and not delivering in terms of the display, content and SEO.

Old site home page

We spent a considerable time in chatting to both local and national web design companies. It was quite an eye opener being in the market as "joe public" and trying to obtain quotations. Some companies preferred to try to blind us with overly complicated descriptions, other offered sites far more than a company of our size required. Most lacked real knowledge and offered out of the box template sites which we could have purchased on line ourselves. As to price, at best some offered estimates of cost.

Having spent the time in researching  a new site we concluded that we needed a site where we could add new content as it become available. A content management site, CMS ticked all our boxes. We could control all aspects of the proposed pages and design.

Via our twitter account we were referred to Darren and the team at Spartan web design from a business colleague.  It became obvious very quickly that these guys knew what they were talking about. Straight answers to my very direct questions plus some great ideas. 
We were offered options as to how our site could display and operate. Along with a fixed priced offer and schedule soon after our first meeting.
Having accepted their quotation, the new site went through the various stages required, such as design, content, SEO, testing etc. I was included in the loop all the way and any changes or additions were never a problem.  This was either done at face to face meeting or emails. The choice was mine.
Training was given in using word press to operate Content Management. Once the site was set up I became very quick at understanding the working of CMS in no small part to Matt (clever tech guy). Any email questions was replied to very quickly with clear instructions.
 Launch of our site was at a pre-agreed time at which point I was armed with the knowledge of how to alter pages etc.
The New site is exactly what I was looking for and puts me in control with a great team at Spartan behind me. On-going work will be reviewing Goggle rankings and looking to maintain our position.

My advice to anyone looking for a new web site would be to take the time to find out exactly what YOU require. How much input you wish to have and ultimately the goals of the site. A showcase, purely SEO or a mixture.

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