Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Quotation

Following on from our free survey of your property we will then prepare a free quotation.

This normally entails us drawing out your property to scale of 1;50 and planning out the room/s required. We try to incorporate all of the ideas you passed on to us in a workable design.
Sometimes during this planning process we may see ways to enhance those ideas. This means we could provide more than one design for your approval. First and foremost in the design process we always try to incorporate your ideas.

During the drawing process we also consider all building regulations factors which will include light and ventilation,  fire regulations, structural stability, insulation etc. This will allow us to produce a costing sheet which goes towards the production of the quotation.

Other considerations will be any planning implications such as permitted development rights, conservation areas and area of outstanding natural beauty. We will go on to discuss these items in future blogs.

The building-regulations and planning implication may also mean the end design differs from what we discussed at the initial survey meeting. We will explain in writing the reason for this and perhaps alternatives.

Another important item carried out during this process is to formulate method statements for various health and safety items that could effect your and our staff. This can cover access for scaffolding, instillation of steel girders along with numerous other items. Again this will go on to add to the final costing. Importantly this is an item a lot of companies ignore either through ignorance or to lower the quote .

The quotations we provide are based on using quality materials, installed professionally and in a safe manner.
We do not look to cut corners purely to falsely lower the end cost. The old saying "you pay for what you get" continues to be based on fact.
Finally your personal quotation is bound into an information pack and either posted or emailed to you.

Once quotation is dispatched we do not chase you in pursuit of a sale. Preferring to leave you to study and perhaps compare quotes. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have and perhaps meet up again at a time of your choosing.

We look forward to perhaps providing you with a quote?

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