Friday, 22 March 2013

The Survey

We offer a free survey service so we can provide free no obligation quotations.

During this process we will take photos and measurements from the loft obviously.

 Additional to this and to some peoples surprise we also measure and take details from all floors and the exterior of the property. A loft conversion is a major building operation and many items need to be considered. A few but certainly not an exhaustive list are;

*Your thoughts and ideas
*Planning considerations
*Type of property and how it lends its-self to conversion
*Fire regulations & protected corridor
*Load bearing walls & Foundations
*Drains, plumbing, heating and electrics
*Roof covering and construction
*Access and scaffolding
*Building regulations & party wall issues

These items will go towards the overall picture that we build up of what you require and what is possible.
Any property is convertible within these three criteria, planning, end cost and usability of rooms.
That does not always mean that a conversion should be carried out, we help people in understanding the choices. End cost and size of room that space will allow can be a major factor in the decision process.
We try to offer honest opinion of what is a sensible route to take.

After this process, if the property is "convertible" we will provide a fixed priced no obligation quotation. Either by post or email.

We also have show houses that can be viewed.
This helps people to understand what they may be purchasing . Two of the mains reason are;

*Get a feeling of space in a similar conversion to what that client has in mind.

*Chat to past customers to get an understanding of
Attic Designs has to offer.

We understand the a loft conversion can be a life choice as well as it tends to mean long term investment and future planning of family life. We try to help you understand what a loft conversion will mean in cost and how it fits in with you family needs.           This is why the free survey is so important.

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