Saturday, 13 April 2013


Following on from our quotation we can offer clients a chance to view examples of past conversions. This can be very useful on three counts.

1. To understand how a conversion looks and fills in terms of space.
2. To chat to past customers to understand how work effected the homeowners.
3. To view the standard of our work.
All important factors to consider our when looking to appoint a contractor.

Point 1 is often the choice between going ahead with a Veulx/Fakro roof window conversion as shown below. A usable room but is it large enough?

Maybe a dormer style conversion to gain more room and perhaps allow for an en-suite.

Both example show a double bed and the space around it. Often a viewing will confirm how much space the prospective client requires.

The people on our show house list have approach us to say that they would be more than happy to show other people around the conversion. Usually we put the the homeowner and prospective client  in contact and allow them to make the arrangements. We rarely attend a viewing as we like the person viewing to ask any question to the homeowner and not feel any pressure from us. 

After a viewing we hope you will feel confident in making your decision.