Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Pre-commencement meeting.

Once all the documentation is in place concerning building regulations and planning if required we arrange a meeting with our clients. These meetings are held at a time to suit the clients, quite often late evening so any young children are tuck up in bed and the parents can concentrate.

The details we discuss will include:
*confirming the start date that would have already been allocated upon placing an order with us.
*time working day will begin and end. 
*scaffold position and any access required. Also skip positions, could be on the road or maybe a driveway.
*where our materials will be stored on site, normally below and on the scaffold area.
*what will happen on the first day and access required. Getting power lead into loft and removing loft access from the house, also carpet protector to hallway.

We will go on to chat about the exterior items such as;
*window sizes, designs and positions to re-check what is shown on the plan is correct and you are happy with them.
*any new roof covering that may be required, colour of tiles/slates. We try to match the existing type of materials as close as practicable.
*type and colour of guttering, again usually to match the existing.

The inside of the conversion requires most discussion;
*door designs to new floor and any fire doors to lower levels if required. We often send web links of various types of doors that are available.
*door handles, normally to match the existing although sometimes we fit new throughout the property.
*skirting and architrave type and material. We can supply standard profiles or machine details to match.
*stair bannister's and spindle design, as with the skirting, standard or machined to match.
*any additional timber moulding we need to match.
*radiator and towel rail positions.
*electrical sockets, light and switch positions. This is normally a tough one for the clients having not planned a room before. We offer advice using our knowledge of the past conversions completed. 
*sanitary goods. Such a personal choice that we let our clients to either source their own good, or visit our suppliers which we then arrange for delivery when items required. Which ever choice we always like to check that the goods client would like are fit for purpose.
*wall tiling or waterproof panels. Again a personal choice, so we point clients in the direction of various tile suppliers. Respatex water proof panels are also very popular.
*floor coverings to en-suite and room areas. This could be floor tiles or often a interlocking floor such as Aqualock. We sometimes fit engineered or laminate flooring to main rooms as well.

Most clients will have made a list of question that we normal drop in and out of as we proceed with the meeting. Lots of tea drinking later all the meeting notes will have been pencilled onto a set of pre-commencement plans.

The meeting is normally followed up with an email of various links and points that need to be thought about in order to make final chooses on the various items.

Over the next few weeks the clients would normally be making their choose's of sanitary goods and tiles plus confirming other options that are outstanding. Most of the time this is done via email. A follow up meeting is scheduled if required. With all the details from these meetings and emails etc we will add notes to the working plans to create a build set of plans. All trades will have colour coded items on the plans so we will all be aware of such details as electrical socket positions, size of doors are required etc etc.

This means the client can continue with their daily life whist we go about building their loft conversion.
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