Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Start of works.

Prior to the start date our scaffolding contractor will visit the property and erect the required scaffold to allow us safe access to the roof space. Generally this will be three to four days before we arrive on site.

The day we begin the standard procedure will be the following which would all have been agreed previously.
1. Materials arrive and stored to garden and scaffold. 

2  Skip postioned either on the property or on the highway.

3. Carpet protector or hard floor covering laid in the hallway areas.

4. Electic lead from a first floor plug sockect taken up into the loft.

5. Existing loft ladder if present removed and loft hatched sealed up.

6. Temporary timber props positioned to support existing ceiling joists until new floor joists are installed.

7. Access hole into the roof space created from the scaffold.

8. Any insulation present will be lifted and placed in dumpy bags for re-use if useable.

We are now on site for the duration of the project with the exception of perhaps drying out times etc